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Restoration Gallery

Saving countertops from replacement it is our goal. Whether it is a granite, marble or even a quartz surface that got damaged along the way, our technicians will be able to fix it and make your countertops look like new again. Our restoration process is quick, efficient, and it will be complete on the same day at the comfort of your home. Browse through our before and after pictures to learn how our technicians can save you money and restore your existing countertops to its original beauty. 

  1. Seam repair on granite
    Seam Repair - Before
  2. Granite countertop seam repair
    Seam Repair - After
  3. Granite chip repair
    Granite Chip Repair - After
  4. Granite and marble crack repair
    Seam & Crack Repair on Granite - After
  5. Quartz chip repair
    White Quartz Chip - Before
  6. Natural stone restoration
    Granite Chip Repair - Before
  7. Granite broken seam repair
    Seam & Crack Repair on Granite - Before
  8. Chip on quartz countertop edge
    White Quartz Chip - After
  9. Marble polishing process
    Dull Marble Repair - Before
  10. Marble scratch removal services
    Dull Marble Repair - After
  11. Scratches removal on marble
    Marble Scratch Removal - After
  12. Marble care
    Marble Scratch Removal - Before
  13. Granite chip repair
    Chip Repair - before
  14. Chips around sink cut out on granite countertops
    Chip Repair - After
  15. How to fix cracks on granite countertops
    Crack in front of sink cutout - Before
  16. Crack fixed on granite surface
    Crack in front of sink cutout - After
  17. Granite sink crack
    Crack Repair
  18. Dirt silicone replacement
    Silicone replacement
  19. Clear silicone application
    Silicone replacement
  20. Granite sink crack repair
    Crack Repair
  21. Marble polishing restoration
    Marble Etching Repair
  22. Marble stain removal
    Etching on marble island
  23. Marble etching marks removal
    Marble Etching Repair
  24. Marble stains and etching removal
    Etching on marble surface
  25. Granite countertops repair
    Chip repair on honed granite
  26. Honed granite countertop
    Chip repair on honed granite
  27. Granite restoration
    Crack Repair - After
  28. Crack on granite repair
    Crack Repair - Before
  29. Granite colors
    Granite Chip Repair - After
  30. Giallo Ornamental chip repair
    Granite Chip Repair - Before
  31. Ubatuba granite crack repair
    Granite Crack Repair - After
  32. Damaged granite repair
    Granite Crack Repair - Before
  33. Granite surface polishing
    Granite Dull Spot Mark - After
  34. Granite dull spot repair
    Granite Dull Spot Mark - Before
  35. Polished marble repair
    Marble Table Refinish - After
  36. Marble refinishing services
    Marble Table Refinish - Before
  37. Granite seam repair
    Broken Seam - After
  38. Countertop broken seam repair
    Broken Seam - Before
  39. Marble dinning table crack repair
    Marble Table Repair - After
  40. Marble Dinning table repair
    Marble Table Repair - Before
  41. Emperador Dark marble table top
    Broken Marble Top - Before
  42. Marble repair on Emperador Dark table top
    Emperador Dark Marble - After
  43. Marble etching removal process
    White Carrara marble etched - Before
  44. White Carrara marble etching repair
    White Carrara marble etching repair - After
  45. White Carrara Honed scratched
    White marble scratch before
  46. Scratch repair on marble
    Scratches on marble
  47. White carrera scratch removal
    Scratch removed
  48. White Carrara Honed repair
    White marble scratch after
  49. Santa Cecilia Granite cracked, broken granite
    Santa Cecilia Broken top - Before
  50. Broken granite Santa Cecilia
    Santa Cecilia Broken top - After
  51. Cracked laminated edge on granite
    Cracked granite edge - Before
  52. Cracked granite edge
    Cracked granite edge - After
  53. Marble crack repair looking like a natural vain
    Marble Cracks Repair - After
  54. Marble crack repair
    Marble Crack Repair - Before
  55. Granite open seam before
    Granite open seam before
  56. Granite open seam after
    Granite open seam after