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Marble scratch removal process
Saving existing stones from replacement is what we do... 
…we also ride our motorcycles through astonish landscapes, we play with our kids as much as we can, we take our lovely wives for dinner every other week, and we try to have fun while doing all of this – because life is too good to spend just working, chasing the wind and repairing stones all day long!

GW Restoration is owned and operated by two Brazilian brothers who arrived in the USA with a very small amount of cash and a big dream: to succeed in all aspects of life in a country full of opportunities.
Fast-forwarding 15 years, the brothers started Granite Works Countertops during the financial crisis of 2007 – 2008, a stone fabrication company that holds the best customer service reputation in its industry for over a decade now. Over the years, the Valente brothers’ vision of the stone industry in the Washington DC Metro Area was caught by the lack of professionals willing to restore existing natural stone flooring, fireplace surrounds, table tops and especially countertops – with that in mind, Granite Works Countertops started to offer restoration as part of its services. The restoration part of the business was so successful that they decided to open a new company to handle only that kind of services.
Nowadays, GW Restoration is experiencing the same exciting growth rates as Granite Works did in its early days. Furthermore, our reputation as a reliable company is growing at an unbelievable pace and referrals has become the biggest source of new business.

Once again America has proved that still is a land of opportunities for those who are willing to work hard and do the right thing. After all these years, we are still chasing the same dream to succeed in all aspect of life, because success has way too many definitions - it all depends on priorities, and ours now involves a lot of wonderful persons around us! 


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There is several different “granite & marble repair kit” you can buy online, but none of them will work properly without hands-on experience and professional skills. Keep in mind that Youtube videos are filmed by professionals in the industry, not average homeowners trying to resolve their countertops problems.

A simple chip repair done by someone without experience could ruin an entire countertop area, leaving the replacement as the only way out of the mess created. To make matters worse, if the material is either granite or marble, color matching is almost impossible, which means that all pieces now have to be replaced because of a simple chip that wasn’t repaired professionally. This could sound exaggerated, but it’s a very common outcome in the natural stone world.